Frequently asked questions

How long would it take to get to the collection point?

We aim to be there within 1 hour from the time of the booling, although 70% of bookings are collected within 30 minutes. Traffic and time of the day will determine how quick a cinsignment is collected.

How much will it cost?

Prices are based on various aspects including location, mileage and size of vehicle. A small van from Birmingham to Scotland, between 7am - 7pm, sameday time critical, Mon - Fri would cost around £1.10 per mile and London to Scotland would cost around £1.20 per mile. So all quotes are individual, we are alway open to negotiate a price that your happy with.

Will there be a discount for regular clients?

Yes, all regular clients will received a 10% discount.

Will all consignments be insured?

Yes, all consignments are fully covered upto £10'000.

Will other courier companies be used?

Yes, it's sometimes quicker to allocate a booking to a freelance courier that is in the area. All freelance couriers are vetted.

Is there a charge for waiting time?

Yes, first 30 minutes are free, then £5 for every 15 mintues.

Is there a call out fee once job is in progress?

Yes there may be a fee, this depends on a number of criteria; if the job is in progress and if the driver is at the collection point...

What area does the service cover?

We cover all of the UK.