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We live in a digital world and with this ever-increasing overflow of information, technology is transforming the logistics industry and the supply chain in a lot of ways. Promoting transparency throughout every stage of the logistical processes should address many of the aspects, including time, costs and quality. This is very important to us, so that customers (business / residential) can immediately see the status of their consignment from start to finish  i.e. customers are able track their package from start to finish (real time) via google map on any mobile device or computer.


Companies can track their drivers using a unique tracking system which enables them to know the time a driver arrives at the collection point. The mobile device automatically sends a message to the controller, the second a driver reaches the collection point and when the delivery is complete along with the pod.


Horex Logistics Ltd strives to provide all our customers with the very best service, this is made possible with the innovation of  technology, as an innovative logistic company we feel that keeping the customer updated at ever stages of the logistical processes is very important.

How can Horex Logistics benefit from the innovation of new technology!

  • The ability to integrate: To maintain transparency and therefore maintain a good reputation, communication must be of the highest standard. Previously existing boundaries that prohibited fast communication have become obsolete, allowing for more effective and efficient integration between parties.

  • Greater security: With the advances of technology come the advances in privacy and the implementation of greater security measures and practices. Confidentiality is very important when attempting to forge business relationships, as well as the ability to track and manage the route of moving consignments.

  • Reduced costs: One of the greatest benefits of implementing technology in to the business practices is the money, it can save on operational cost (modern computer software). 

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